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1 :maji:2009/01/07(Wed) 01:41:41 ID:MrC3xBDPO
Do U really from foreign countries?
(= You arent Japanese? )

Please ask you a question

Where R U from?

2 :maji:2009/01/07(Wed) 16:42:21 ID:kHnilfJo0
from SaltlakeCity U.S.A

3 :maji:2009/01/08(Thu) 01:17:10 ID:UYczzy9cO
>>2 oh,really??

4 :maji:2009/01/09(Fri) 12:46:25 ID:+ZHqoe8w0
Ocean City, NJ

5 :maji:2009/01/10(Sat) 02:48:26 ID:67ANf0QH0
Caracas, Venezuela

6 :maji:2009/01/10(Sat) 23:49:08 ID:ZQ/4TSg8O

You are really foreigner?

why do you come here?

7 :maji:2009/01/11(Sun) 07:49:39 ID:OxJ2kaFh0
To speak with people of other cultures.

Also, to take a minute out of my day to help others with their english conversation.

I have had a lot of free time over the past two weeks.

8 :maji:2009/01/11(Sun) 12:46:48 ID:Hy9rtWzT0
Actually, to be honest, its because I'm a huge japanophile

9 :maji:2009/01/12(Mon) 05:28:28 ID:y99EJ1oZ0

10 :maji:2009/01/17(Sat) 21:45:21 ID:tPsbAsupO

11 :maji:2009/01/17(Sat) 21:45:44 ID:tPsbAsupO

12 :maji:2009/01/18(Sun) 12:09:35 ID:LiaCar3y0
Drug running, drug cartelling, something, SOMETHING to do with drugs, right?

13 :maji:2009/01/18(Sun) 19:58:30 ID:LiaCar3y0
Hrm, there isn't enough activity here.

14 :maji:2009/01/19(Mon) 00:36:05 ID:IWwq/R4iO
everyone hello,

u r from different countries, rn't u?
tell me if u dont know what I say...

where do u live now?
in japan? in the USA?
or other countries?

15 :maji:2009/01/19(Mon) 06:22:47 ID:KjFQ4wL80
I'm in the USA, Arizona currently

16 :maji:2009/01/19(Mon) 17:01:25 ID:KjFQ4wL80
P.S. Don't come to Arizona. It's too hot. People were not meant to live here.

17 :maji:2009/01/21(Wed) 02:42:17 ID:mmwSPN+S0
Texas, USA

No, I don't ride horses and wear a cowboy hat/boots all the time.

That's only the Western half of the state.

18 :maji:2009/01/21(Wed) 18:02:58 ID:g6W8A6jz0
California, USA

19 :maji:2009/01/22(Thu) 15:47:47 ID:2tpTs7UN0

20 :maji:2009/01/22(Thu) 16:35:01 ID:908UIJQ9O

21 :maji:2009/01/23(Fri) 17:35:03 ID:RkjLoF660
Maryland, US.

Anyone know why a single Japanese guy came in here and wanted to know where we were from? lol.

22 :maji:2009/01/23(Fri) 20:51:04 ID:187uyo0v0
Any better ideas for a topic? I tried asking about FPS games, but that thread didn't go so well.

23 :maji:2009/01/29(Thu) 15:16:58 ID:fT8Eclr+P
Well, I told you I was Japanese and you didn't believe
me at all, you know...

24 :maji:2009/01/31(Sat) 06:31:47 ID:p4sT4gIY0
i came from vip
boooooooon!! XD

25 :maji:2009/02/02(Mon) 13:09:36 ID:wzEX9chP0
im from Mars

26 :maji:2009/02/02(Mon) 13:51:58 ID:aSBQejPl0
maybe if you didn't change your answers six or seven times you would have been more credible.

27 :maji:2009/02/28(Sat) 00:55:22 ID:NxNr5xQP0
I have come from Kinki.

28 :maji:2009/04/05(Sun) 04:46:01 ID:YOEIOY8C0

29 :maji:2009/05/15(Fri) 22:38:49 ID:qEnlkyvH0

30 :maji:2009/05/15(Fri) 23:59:58 ID:Xog/RWD70
I am from Funabashi, outskirts of Tokyo. and still live in.

31 :maji:2009/05/16(Sat) 12:41:04 ID:cbwbSnibO
I'm from moon

32 :maji:2009/05/16(Sat) 20:49:43 ID:EpQBOZgb0
tabun gaikoku no hito no tameno 2chan deha naikato

33 :maji:2009/05/17(Sun) 01:04:49 ID:OyMNvep20
Maybe, I think this board is "2ch" for foreigners.

34 :maji:2009/05/17(Sun) 02:34:49 ID:F1dzy5cFO
do you like metallica?

35 :maji:2009/05/17(Sun) 20:43:34 ID:oAICi8GkO
OMG! princess kaguya!!!!!!!

36 :maji:2009/05/20(Wed) 08:21:06 ID:hnbhrBdz0

Shibamata is poor downtown.

37 :maji:2009/05/20(Wed) 09:56:19 ID:ZXUzizwQ0

38 :maji:2009/05/21(Thu) 05:35:33 ID:iXXqDTGT0
Are you Chon?

39 :maji:2009/05/22(Fri) 00:20:35 ID:VcXda3KW0
Do you know The Skanch Esak?

40 :maji:2009/05/30(Sat) 02:05:28 ID:Y8iW+MBSO

41 :maji:2009/05/30(Sat) 21:03:35 ID:zv3v8+H40
OMG! princess kaguya!!!!

42 :maji:2009/06/01(Mon) 21:17:06 ID:O5J5DFA40
I am also typical hikikomori.
When the relative someone visits my house, I hide in my room and stay there trembling until they return.
Moreover, when the telephone rings I shink back screaming and have one of my families answer the phone.

43 :maji:2009/06/01(Mon) 21:30:18 ID:O+HFupsb0
I feel kind of uncomfortable myself whenever people visit or when the phone rings

But thats kind of extreme...

44 :maji:2009/06/03(Wed) 11:15:14 ID:hcfXtTDj0
I'm from Quebec D;

45 :maji:2009/06/04(Thu) 15:37:16 ID:5t71A2Qm0
I'm from Taiwan. :D

46 :maji:2009/06/06(Sat) 03:30:05 ID:mqhz3BSW0

47 :maji:2009/06/28(Sun) 21:07:34 ID:9Bz+H22o0

48 :maji:2009/06/30(Tue) 16:41:56 ID:s3WukU2j0
I have some nippon friends here... so i can understand a little japanese.

49 :maji:2009/07/01(Wed) 00:50:54 ID:VvxMMMZB0
hi, nice to meet you.
have you ever been to Japan?

50 :maji:2009/07/01(Wed) 09:20:46 ID:Dq0Ltx2E0

51 :maji:2009/07/01(Wed) 12:15:47 ID:xTMt/1vK0
Unfortunately not.
Maybe someday.

52 :maji:2009/07/04(Sat) 01:58:27 ID:qfwaROg10
Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.

53 :maji:2009/07/04(Sat) 23:53:12 ID:rJeijLRKO
Asakura city,Fukuoka

54 :maji:2009/07/05(Sun) 12:46:26 ID:fnHqM8glO

55 :maji:2009/07/06(Mon) 22:39:41 ID:4z0gsBv40
I came from bearing Fire Department.

56 :U-Korin:2009/07/09(Thu) 07:17:19 ID:hu7qGE8G0
Korin Star

57 :maji:2009/07/09(Thu) 21:02:03 ID:duLkTnM00
Poznan, Poland

58 :maji:2009/07/25(Sat) 07:58:08 ID:srKyociK0
Ownership of Japan's former northern territories also remains unsettled, as the Soviet Union did not sign the treaty.
Russia rule out returning the Northern Territories.

59 :maji:2009/07/26(Sun) 14:41:05 ID:Wm7buGzP0
I came from China.
Fuck you Jap!

60 :maji:2009/07/26(Sun) 15:01:44 ID:2mJWPphJ0
Hello. Im from Osaka Japan.

your thinking is very shallow. you haven't seen realistic.

61 :maji:2009/07/27(Mon) 01:51:29 ID:cCPu4CVa0
What a poor FAKE chinese you are...

62 :maji:2009/07/28(Tue) 00:04:07 ID:d/0Xa+ZA0
From Shanghai China and living in Kyoto.
I am a student at Kyoto university.

63 :maji:2009/07/28(Tue) 19:24:48 ID:Eeux0OVI0
what do you think about 2ch?

64 :maji:2009/07/28(Tue) 23:24:13 ID:bB6lyypF0
what do you think about Japan?

65 :maji:2009/07/29(Wed) 01:54:15 ID:adzArX+80
I was very shocked, at least when I visited the 2ch firstly.
However, 2ch has gotten used to me quickly.
We can find out Japanese craftsmanship even in 2ch's neta and AAs,
which I have to confess are very impressive.

Clean, calm and beautiful place. everything is well ordered.
people are very intelligent, polite and good at collaborative works.
Chinese are also very deligent as well as Japanese, but they would never like to get together at work.

66 :maji:2009/07/30(Thu) 14:30:13 ID:7nRwoOKq0
You're the Japanese, aren't you?

jisaku-jien Z !

67 :maji:2009/07/30(Thu) 17:14:52 ID:+5I/zAww0
That's more the common stereotype of Japan held by those that
have never visited Japan. In this day and age, can we really
generalize the younger Japanese generation as polite, diligent
team players? I think not...

68 :maji:2009/07/30(Thu) 18:23:57 ID:+I6gHEYH0
65 is a student at Kyoto university.
Kyoto is accustomed to tickle foreigners because sightseeing prefecture for foreigners.
Kyoto people are clever at pretending stereotype Japan.

69 :maji:2009/08/06(Thu) 19:52:35 ID:Tu7qcJqW0
in my opinion young people in japan are more polite, compared to some other country that i know

actually no, theyr'e probably just timid and scared of foreigners

70 :1:2009/08/23(Sun) 00:09:24 ID:Q1Z6SvW7O
i wanna go to foreign countries!
but i dont know where is good for me(japanese)
please teach me

by the way im student

71 :maji:2009/08/23(Sun) 03:00:57 ID:rmoHj+hR0
kiss my ass

72 :maji:2009/08/23(Sun) 08:13:18 ID:b15G4b/N0
Thailand, Philippine and Turkey.
These countries people respect Japanese.

73 :maji:2009/08/23(Sun) 13:41:03 ID:Q1Z6SvW7O
really? thank you!

where are you from?

74 :maji:2009/08/23(Sun) 14:00:58 ID:b15G4b/N0
I am a born and bred japanese.
And you?

75 :maji:2009/09/05(Sat) 20:13:11 ID:3dYWyCHHO
me too:)

76 :maji:2009/09/06(Sun) 15:27:35 ID:7Lq1ZLv40
There is nothing but Japanese people as far as I could see...

77 :maji:2009/09/07(Mon) 22:21:23 ID:d0aTMaUg0
Maybe some "refugees" from 4chan?
Recently AT&T cut off 4chan

78 :maji:2009/09/12(Sat) 21:49:01 ID:HhKrQ4d8O

79 :Cepillon:2009/09/15(Tue) 15:09:31 ID:vMnn6q3J0
mexico :D

But aumh how post in 2CH naruto FORUMS!!!!!!!!!

80 :maji:2009/09/15(Tue) 18:05:04 ID:CejXDxWn0


81 :maji:2009/09/16(Wed) 23:03:29 ID:esQaHA1eO
Who killed John-John?

82 :maji:2009/09/23(Wed) 08:57:03 ID:f4XugquT0
4chan refugees usually move to 7chan or iichan.

83 :maji:2009/09/23(Wed) 10:27:50 ID:+Q0de2L70

84 :maji:2009/09/30(Wed) 11:11:44 ID:XsGLHPb4i

85 :180-144-56-90.eonet.ne.jp:2009/11/11(Wed) 17:59:54 ID:by7lnU6N0

A secret proxy server is taught

Nice to meet you ~

It informs them for a moment today.

A secret proxy server has been opened to the public as a member limitation privilege of "2ch" now.

There is only making to a secret WEB site, all records do not remain in the access log when misusing it,
and do not misuse it earnestly, please.

Of course, it is free.

We will inform you of IP address and the port number to use a secret proxy server with following URL.


! Please continue your favors toward assistance. !

86 :maji:2009/11/23(Mon) 21:52:51 ID:QhFnRODf0
VIP kara kimashita
I Don't like English

87 :maji:2009/12/03(Thu) 14:18:50 ID:suWNB0C9i
Dejima is good.
Cause, iPhone can write.
I will be dejimanese.

88 :maji:2010/01/30(Sat) 21:51:13 ID:/LavbEA/0
Im from Brasil

89 :half:2010/01/30(Sat) 23:12:10 ID:y9mKJHqyO
oreha Tyoosen to kankoku no half / yumeha ondo hantoo touitsu

90 :maji:2010/01/30(Sat) 23:33:11 ID:TUCm18gF0
In Japan , Kanagawa prefecture which has many place to see,
especially for foreign people.for example,GreatBudda, Enoshima-island,
and so many ONSEN(hot spring)s.I hope you will enjoy these.

91 :maji:2010/01/31(Sun) 01:21:59 ID:4it5QW6B0
Any country is relatively forgiving for the Japanese to visit.

Except, of course, China and Korea. 8)

92 :maji:2010/02/02(Tue) 09:34:18 ID:GdPLOPqcO

93 :maji:2010/02/02(Tue) 13:20:21 ID:ihrH0IDuO
Kisarazu, Chiba

94 :maji:2010/02/08(Mon) 11:46:15 ID:ohVYr71ZO
here is heaven for our cellphone user!!

95 :maji:2010/03/17(Wed) 22:12:17 ID:ZnnwUmAFO

long time no see

how r u?

im high school student in Tokyo,
i study Eng very hard 'cause i wanna go and talk wiz many foreignerz.

but i cant speak and write Eng well...X(


96 :maji:2010/03/18(Thu) 09:05:16 ID:7A5wRtma0
Long time, no see.

How are you?

I'm a high school student in Tokyo.
I study English very hard 'cause I want to go and talk with many foreigners.

Although, I don't speak or write English well... X(


97 :maji:2010/03/18(Thu) 16:53:05 ID:uqkYbLrNO
Japanese,live in Sapporo.

98 :maji:2010/03/18(Thu) 18:50:42 ID:8UL/IqmOO
you are...?

99 :96:2010/03/22(Mon) 22:31:28 ID:jbtt97DG0
I am an Australian living in Sydney.
I felt like correcting >>95 because his English doesn't sound good.

100 :maji:2010/03/24(Wed) 11:15:51 ID:lDbVfJKP0
I'm 'Murrican

101 :maji:2010/03/25(Thu) 08:29:25 ID:V57XB57HO
>>99 I understand.

102 :maji:2010/03/25(Thu) 08:31:16 ID:V57XB57HO
>>99 I can understand.

103 :maji:2010/03/25(Thu) 14:16:11 ID:UZJvZIh40
Both are right

104 :maji:2010/04/12(Mon) 21:23:37 ID:DOWoh+zuO
I don't say that I'm from Osaka.
I'm in Osaka now,isn't it?

105 :maji:2010/04/14(Wed) 06:20:37 ID:LtRzJJz80
I'm from Wasilla/Alaska/USA.

106 :maji:2010/04/15(Thu) 22:36:59 ID:n5/LVskq0
I'm from Chile (it's a country, not a condiment)

107 :Me:2010/04/18(Sun) 10:05:08 ID:M76395qMI
South east of Calgary ,Alberta,Canada.

108 :maji:2010/04/18(Sun) 12:29:59 ID:p+2/HpEJ0
Canada, British Columbia

109 :maji:2010/04/18(Sun) 18:28:25 ID:+JxpqZWp0
Same as 108, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

110 :maji:2010/04/21(Wed) 23:55:15 ID:q6FwipY80

111 :maji:2010/04/22(Thu) 01:35:20 ID:Uz5H0yPm0
from china!

112 :maji:2010/04/22(Thu) 08:43:58 ID:nmtIjDbP0
Hamilton, NZ

113 :maji:2010/05/05(Wed) 05:06:25 ID:bwWDSD0O0
I'll bite.
I'm from a small island in Norway. It's a nice place, but a bit boring.
There are no touhou fans here, and no doujinshi.
I think I'll move to japan.

114 :maji:2010/05/05(Wed) 07:22:36 ID:Ace1XN8y0
New Brunswick, Canada

115 :maji:2010/05/06(Thu) 10:12:19 ID:QdrLKmko0
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

116 :maji:2010/05/07(Fri) 00:12:01 ID:b5csC0CJ0
Caracas, Venezuela!

117 :maji:2010/05/08(Sat) 18:56:54 ID:Iggb1OLU0

I am Tochigish

118 :maji:2010/05/09(Sun) 07:09:11 ID:TIIWcwAi0

119 :maji:2010/05/09(Sun) 14:37:30 ID:0K/TKDDE0
Hawaii. There is a lot of Japanese in Hawaii.

un, hawaii ni sunderuyo!

120 :Marco:2010/05/10(Mon) 14:58:00 ID:wXFQHsW1O

121 :maji:2010/05/10(Mon) 20:39:21 ID:5qVdSvV20 ?2BP(0)
From mexico :D

122 :maji:2010/05/12(Wed) 12:18:36 ID:bB7GQR8h0
I was born in the Saints Mother Hospital in Kumamoto.

123 :SIO NAMEKUZI:2010/05/12(Wed) 12:41:55 ID:yDFyCCjP0
I was born to love you!!!

124 :maji:2010/05/16(Sun) 15:54:25 ID:nc1fAyyl0
Please someone tell me the truth.
Are there not Japanese in Dejima?

125 :maji:2010/05/16(Sun) 16:54:05 ID:oxnUQ10D0
I have a question.
Are any aliens come here?
I wanna chat with them.
Answer me.

126 :maji:2010/05/16(Sun) 20:42:40 ID:E7EsyEiD0

127 :maji:2010/05/17(Mon) 00:55:08 ID:+H/4/5RI0
Are you referring to people that are not Japanese?
If so, there are a few non-Japanese people if you believe the answers in this thread.
I am Australian if that helps.

128 :maji:2010/05/20(Thu) 16:09:56 ID:jPOfS1j/0
whyte ppl i hate u cuz

* 1. u all racist
* 2. u pale as hell
* 3. u fuckin stupid
* 4. u stereotype niggas cuz u all dumb
* 5. ur fat
* 6. u look like marshmellows
* 7. u look like gluesticks
* 8. u close minded
* 9. u jus straight up bitch
* 10. u make me sick
* 11. u all like fishin for sum reason
* 12. u all have dogs
* 13. u think u a good race when u aint even human
* 14.u look ugly as hell
* 15.u a disgrace
* 16. u think u know bout niggas so much when u dont
* 17. u all got faggot ass voices
* 18. u speak like british ppl
* 19. u all gay
* 20. u have no place in hiphop so u shud stop listenin to it

129 :maji:2010/05/26(Wed) 05:00:54 ID:eIfmcNyx0
Jyväskylä, Finland

130 :maji:2010/06/05(Sat) 02:51:17 ID:1GbZV9ruO
Texas :-)

131 :maji:2010/06/05(Sat) 17:39:32 ID:U4DiijqMO
from anal cunt

132 :maji:2010/06/26(Sat) 04:33:40 ID:LV+C5P4h0

133 :maji:2010/06/26(Sat) 05:13:22 ID:P6TfNA0Q0
I came from Korea.

134 :maji:2010/06/27(Sun) 07:37:34 ID:j6jec13N0

135 :maji:2010/06/28(Mon) 07:10:41 ID:UqDd5QWU0
I come from Seattle, Washington. It's pretty cold up here, but I have my blinds closed so it's dark like a dungeon anyway.

136 :maji:2010/06/28(Mon) 07:17:06 ID:yBWd2GLZ0
The United States of America. Maine, specifically.

137 :BR?:2010/06/28(Mon) 07:26:40 ID:rgoXKoNC0
Brazillian living in Brazil here.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't travel swinging from branches or vines.

138 :blabla:2010/06/29(Tue) 06:41:59 ID:9xm7t1vk0
Lyon, Rhone, France
69 tu peu pas test mon gars!

139 :maji:2010/07/03(Sat) 05:34:08 ID:PZlEnQqs0
Greetings from San Diego, California.

140 :maji:2010/07/05(Mon) 11:17:21 ID:noDmWb2q0
Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

141 :maji:2010/07/12(Mon) 14:32:22 ID:/armQPqP0

142 :maji:2010/07/12(Mon) 23:31:38 ID:JfTSfR7x0
Are all the beaches filled with Brazilian babes, or is the power of marketing influencing my outlook on Brazil?

143 :maji:2010/07/15(Thu) 23:20:36 ID:h0+ASGNT0
how do you know 2ch?

144 :maji:2010/07/22(Thu) 15:21:20 ID:SJrnna1J0

Depends on what beaches. If you go to Rio de Janeiro, it's hot women everywhere - not so much in Santos where I live.

145 :maji:2010/07/23(Fri) 11:36:57 ID:TXVHisy40
Howdy from Austin, Texas.

146 :maji:2010/07/25(Sun) 10:56:42 ID:PlZQPw+F0
(  ˆωˆ) VIP, 2chan nau.

147 :maji:2010/07/28(Wed) 03:18:20 ID:iWq8v0Ib0
Japanese. I'm living in Kawasaki-shi Kanagawa, Japan.

148 :maji:2010/08/02(Mon) 22:20:23 ID:nmmGz4pFO
i want to go abroad very much.

but i don't have enough money,
and i don't have enough English ability.

but...i want to go!!!

so please teach me nesessary English.
and i want to make friends who can speak English or lives in abroad.

someday, i want to see you

149 :maji:2010/08/03(Tue) 08:17:17 ID:yfTR1y6s0
The english abilities presented in this post are good enough

150 :maji:2010/08/03(Tue) 09:41:32 ID:3sqB4nklO
Thank you!
I'm glad to hear that.
I feel like crying..lol

151 :maji:2010/08/04(Wed) 00:19:39 ID:ELeRZJ1I0
lol is Internet slang meaning "laugh out loud".
You feel like crying then you laugh out loud.
That sounds crazy to me.

152 :maji:2010/08/04(Wed) 08:20:20 ID:6NWJwi990
It doesn't sound crazy to me. He finds his dramatic reaction to be funny.

153 :maji:2010/08/04(Wed) 08:38:29 ID:7DcF15GgO

feel like crying but he doesnt have to cry.

mmm...i understand a little

154 :maji:2010/08/04(Wed) 11:02:17 ID:6NWJwi990
type "I feel like crying lol" into a google search.
It's not a rare phrase.

155 :maji:2010/08/04(Wed) 17:18:11 ID:7DcF15GgO
>154 oh, i think so.

156 :maji:2010/08/05(Thu) 03:36:52 ID:FS68uBj/0
Miami, Florida, United States of America

It's a very diverse city. Most people speak Spanish along with English.
There's also a lot of immigrants from South and Central America. People from
Peru, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Colombia. Very delicious foods.

157 :maji:2010/08/06(Fri) 15:14:15 ID:gPFlhAXO0
is Unco delicious? or bitter?
now im bokking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wanna play OMANKO with any other girl in night bed.

158 :maji:2010/08/06(Fri) 22:29:39 ID:/MMZPmED0
Huge dick and big cock!!

159 :maji:2010/08/07(Sat) 11:43:55 ID:hsjM5xEY0
greetings from oklahoma.

160 :maji:2010/08/08(Sun) 12:34:11 ID:0jzhXjmK0
There is internet in oklahoma?

161 :maji:2010/08/08(Sun) 13:45:23 ID:NK/lHUyM0

162 :maji:2010/08/10(Tue) 14:14:44 ID:ZrTC8V7GO
Sushi Yakitori Ha!Ha!

163 :maji:2010/08/10(Tue) 17:05:04 ID:gZfW9/RU0
Jujitsu Island, Japan.

164 :dejima:2010/08/17(Tue) 15:42:35 ID:rQCT1jDUO
Fukuoka Japan

...But I don't want type Fukuoka. Why?...you know why. Ugh!!

165 :maji:2010/08/20(Fri) 01:08:39 ID:Ew3Q4gdc0

166 :baidu:2010/08/21(Sat) 18:24:06 ID:ysjEegwQ0
It's a secret

167 :maji:2010/09/02(Thu) 06:46:57 ID:/f0zPMIKP
I'm from asshole.

168 :maji:2010/09/02(Thu) 11:46:28 ID:JYc4iUQ30
I am from Tokyo.
My name is Sony Fujitsu.
I am sumo wrestler.
I love sushi very much.

169 :maji:2010/09/04(Sat) 00:17:30 ID:Y/rWIx2m0
I am from Yohokama.
My name is Sony Bravo.
I am a baseball player.
I eat shrip everyday.

170 :maji:2010/09/04(Sat) 10:33:47 ID:X3G43BSi0

171 :maji:2010/09/04(Sat) 10:37:04 ID:9U9pVKEz0

172 :maji:2010/09/04(Sat) 11:57:45 ID:P5/Yw2z+O
Amazing transelate!!

173 :maji:2010/09/04(Sat) 17:55:17 ID:N6UWDsit0
I am from Pyongyang.
My name is Kim Jong-il.
I am a shogun.
I eat kimchi everyday.

174 :maji:2010/09/04(Sat) 21:39:47 ID:g0/QYQrl0

175 :baidu :2010/09/06(Mon) 12:25:58 ID:zc1PgdSF0
Hey I'm come from China

176 :maji:2010/09/09(Thu) 17:20:28 ID:rLukk8Ib0
I am a Japanese that was born and raised in the US. I'm not sure if I count as foreign, since I am a Japanese citizen, but I'm certainly not from Japan.

177 :maji:2010/09/18(Sat) 15:09:24 ID:jF/C5SltO
I think there is only Japanese in dejima ita
of course I am Japanese

178 :maji:2010/09/21(Tue) 00:03:41 ID:LSEyYEUx0
i am wondering if foreigners know peruli or not?:)

179 :maji:2010/09/21(Tue) 01:00:56 ID:JBRQ6IZL0
I am from Finland.

180 :maji:2010/09/24(Fri) 23:10:21 ID:PZn/J8hb0
Kenmow ita

181 :maji:2010/09/26(Sun) 18:18:10 ID:YW6Pqy3k0
the biggest city Okayama

182 :maji:2010/10/01(Fri) 19:16:44 ID:W3vt4oCm0
from this

183 :119-230-71-63f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp:2010/12/11(Sat) 19:47:01 ID:f50cSBo80
Akina's nice short story

Everybody and nice to meet you! I'm Akina.
I'm an one's own pace, and the blog of daily life and the idea to which the photograph readily is suitably exchanged and written.
Please look at my with one's own way patiently if it's good.
If it's possible to point it out readily, I'm welcome because it thinks that there are a lot of points that don't arrive either.
Then, please come from following URL.


Thank you for lending valuable advertising space.

184 :maji:2011/05/02(Mon) 07:59:25.59 ID:ajBrjkxE0
tokosada hight school

185 :maji:2011/06/18(Sat) 03:50:04.01 ID:XxTGW5xZ0
I am from Norway. Land of the Vikings.
(Jeg er fra Norge. Vikingenes land)

I just got back from raiding some british coastal villages and am now relaxing with a tankard filled with mead.
(Jeg kom akkurat tilbake fra aa plyndre noen britiske kyst landsbyer og slapper av med et krus fylt med mjoed)

There. Try speaking norwegian. Most people around the world find it hard to speak. I think japanese people will have most trouble with it.

Norwegians can also understand swedish and danish languages as well.

186 :maji:2011/06/19(Sun) 08:51:31.68 ID:XOd5LUxv0
I will teach any japanese (or others) who wants to learn either ennglish or scandinavian.

My MSN adress is Danijo88 "at"hotmail "dot"com

I have though fellow asians before as a hobby!

187 :maji:2011/06/19(Sun) 08:55:30.73 ID:XOd5LUxv0
I see errors. It is "Danijo88@hotmail.com But otherwise a nice man.

188 :maji:2011/08/31(Wed) 07:03:22.08 ID:k9jcCjMo0
Im from japan

189 :maji:2011/08/31(Wed) 09:14:22.53 ID:Tuy4t8Id0

190 :maji:2011/08/31(Wed) 16:17:53.75 ID:BVUsrbNC0
I'm from Quebec,Canada. It's a nice place out here.

191 :maji:2011/09/06(Tue) 04:17:28.39 ID:xEW/HJqZ0
from People Republic of Osaka

192 :maji:2011/09/12(Mon) 08:08:12.30 ID:bxbYXKe+0
I'm from kawasaki.

193 :maji:2011/09/23(Fri) 12:58:37.98 ID:vR3qhvXoO
shanghai China

194 :maji:2011/09/24(Sat) 11:30:12.89 ID:OOQDRdUo0
I live in Oregon, United States.

195 :maji:2011/09/25(Sun) 20:07:40.29 ID:NCWFqK/90
from kaachann no manko

196 : 忍法帖【Lv=28,xxxPT】 :2011/10/09(Sun) 17:12:02.69 ID:6L4x//3r0

197 :maji:2011/10/13(Thu) 17:37:47.94 ID:bAXHdTjR0
Fuck you.

198 :maji:2011/10/27(Thu) 22:47:57.07 ID:gSB1IlPd0

199 :maji:2011/12/15(Thu) 18:56:24.87 ID:SfmbT5Sk0
I'm from YOKOHAMA.

200 :maji:2011/12/18(Sun) 11:37:56.21 ID:JgAmM+ny0
Sao Paulo Brazil

201 :maji:2011/12/19(Mon) 18:03:20.45 ID:cUwRVNpc0

202 :maji:2012/01/26(Thu) 22:27:23.08 ID:3HreA2Mh0
I live in Wakayama. It is boring.

203 :maji:2012/01/27(Fri) 07:50:58.89 ID:Fohz8m3M0
I live in Yakawama. It is interesting.

204 :maji:2012/01/27(Fri) 15:44:04.85 ID:1ggQzqFv0
I come form Hong Kong where are raining now .

205 :maji:2012/02/09(Thu) 08:35:16.31 ID:xhtYmu1c0
Hello everyone, I'm from Sweden.
I was surprised to see Norwegian and Finnish people in this thread. Not so surprised to see no Swedish people, however.
I think I'm the one and only of my kind.

206 :maji:2012/02/11(Sat) 21:54:54.68 ID:6LxQUOGe0
Welcome everyone!

207 :maji:2012/02/14(Tue) 13:27:21.84 ID:7cjo901x0
I'm from Saitama.

208 :maji:2012/03/02(Fri) 22:45:31.38 ID:fl+BbdoM0
I'm from Okinawa

209 :maji:2012/03/03(Sat) 20:51:55.07 ID:E+qoYgDrI

210 :maji:2012/03/04(Sun) 01:33:50.79 ID:tV5tEYfW0

211 :maji:2012/03/07(Wed) 14:07:15.19 ID:2IYwlPP80

212 :maji:2012/03/08(Thu) 22:00:42.42 ID:1CdoX2DJ0
I'm from America. Detroit, Michigan.

ohayo gozaimasu.

213 :maji:2012/03/09(Fri) 15:02:51.53 ID:YVPQifKt0
I am from the United States. In the state of Maine.
It is cold.

214 :maji:2012/03/12(Mon) 08:39:06.19 ID:fx8BdeGK0
I am from France.
It's a pity this board isn't that active.

215 :maji:2012/03/18(Sun) 17:47:46.86 ID:CeUjIUMz0
I'm from Kanagawa pref

216 :maji:2012/03/18(Sun) 20:32:28.01 ID:ERsdglU90
I'm from 4chan XD
See you

217 :maji:2012/03/18(Sun) 21:40:28.74 ID:cDGBxPoU0

218 :maji:2012/03/19(Mon) 02:19:29.58 ID:ICbCiBbN0

219 :maji:2012/03/19(Mon) 23:02:04.26 ID:drj5BHk00
Chelyabinsk, Russia.

220 :maji:2012/03/23(Fri) 21:26:45.12 ID:0gtNQzkM0
haha, hello, neighbour

Yekaterinburg, Russia

221 :maji:2012/03/25(Sun) 17:54:56.85 ID:td6s14Ul0
I'm from osaka.

222 :maji:2012/03/29(Thu) 17:00:14.10 ID:a+N2WRLl0
I'm from tokyo

223 :maji:2012/04/20(Fri) 13:58:24.56 ID:IPQ3XUT60

224 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2012/04/20(Fri) 17:32:39.72 ID:HHlCLg4T0
I'm from Japan

225 :maji:2012/04/21(Sat) 21:23:33.41 ID:0qYw8DZF0
I'm from Kobe.

226 :maji:2012/04/24(Tue) 04:04:40.34 ID:yhYnYktd0
Wow, this thread is more than three years old.

I'm from Dresden, Germany.

227 :maji:2012/04/24(Tue) 04:11:45.98 ID:+vjCOyA40
I am from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

228 :maji:2012/04/24(Tue) 04:55:50.39 ID:F48w9lUt0
I'm from Ireland.

229 :maji:2012/04/24(Tue) 05:17:03.39 ID:7q4eN28T0
I'm from Florida, USA.

230 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2012/04/24(Tue) 16:23:44.37 ID:cQ3KerK/0
I'm from Kansai

231 :maji:2012/04/24(Tue) 17:15:25.93 ID:6Rjbb2eJ0
I'm from Florida.

232 :maji:2012/04/26(Thu) 08:12:44.13 ID:sodFeSg10
I am martian, for real. Mars is my beautiful home. We will invade you silly humans soon!

233 :maji:2012/04/26(Thu) 23:07:40.47 ID:FRfi6wml0
let me say only the one word 2 u.
Go back soon 2 Mars with ur fuck'n friend Hatoyama.
u see?

234 :maji:2012/04/27(Fri) 10:50:06.53 ID:NJohTJN70
Sydney, Australia

235 :maji:2012/04/28(Sat) 00:00:53.97 ID:lvodlsB90
What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bitch?
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Special
Tasks Group, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids
throughout the sol system, and I have over 700 confirmed human
kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top in
biological warfare in the entire martian intelligence division.
You are nothing to me but just another target.
I will probe you the fuck out with precision the likes of
which has never been seen before on your Earth, mark my
fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that
shit to me over the Extranet? Think again, fucker.
As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies
across the galaxy and your galactic IP is being traced right
now so you better prepare for the storm. The storm that wipes
out the pathetic little thing you call your human life.
You're fucking dead. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can
kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that just with a
laser beam. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed
combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the
Anti Human Special Tasks Group and I will use it to its full
extent to wipe your little miserable ass off the face of
whatever rock you call home, you little shit. If only you
could have known what ultra technological retribution your
little monkey that i am about to bring down upon you,
maybe you could have held your fucking tongue.
But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price,
you goddamn idiot. I will beam shit fury all over you and you
will drown in it. You're fucking dead, earthling

236 :maji:2012/04/28(Sat) 00:57:18.16 ID:JHm8fA9M0
Stop spamming

237 :maji:2012/04/29(Sun) 06:13:16.00 ID:ZVJO2qvy0
I'm from Heilbronn, Germany, Gott moege euch beschuetzen!

I came from 4chan, but I'm not really a "refugee" here, I just like 2chan and Futaba Channel and sometimes I feel the need of posting on 2chan, like I do now.
If I only could speak Japanese and Futaba only allowed posting from my ISP, I'd post there too... I just love imageboards and BBS'.
7chan and other 4chan spin-offs are shitty. They aren't as amazing as 4chan and Futaba. All they want is their "Anonymous Legion" culture.
The "Anonymous" movement is the most retarded one I've ever seen. They think they are hackers, while they are only dumb children. Most of these don't even know where "Anonymous" originally came from!

I don't really think you're from 4chan. Are you from Reddit? Your "XD" isn't fitting and you shouldn't use that in the first place.

238 :maji:2012/04/29(Sun) 19:48:45.84 ID:jEuFLB0y0
Not every emoticon user is from (negative place)
simply because you don't like it.

Telling who shouldn't use emoticons is like telling 2ch to stop
making ascii art because you don't like it.

239 :maji:2012/04/30(Mon) 15:02:52.24 ID:deppIpYd0
Wow, you response to exceedingly old resses.
I can comprehend little bit Germany, then what does "Gott möge euch beschützen" mean? Is it a quotation?

Well, I had have a question for you since before, I was wondering how you call one post such as ">>123".
In Japanese, that is ordinally called "resu", but I have no way to call in English.
Could you tell me how to call this?

240 :maji:2012/04/30(Mon) 18:57:55.96 ID:89j0Pig9O

241 :maji:2012/05/01(Tue) 08:33:57.70 ID:ogkYiEo10
People who isn't Japanese watches here more than I expextes

242 :maji:2012/05/01(Tue) 11:26:41.78 ID:ogkYiEo10
expextes -> expected

243 :maji:2012/05/03(Thu) 21:45:55.10 ID:WafpB7Ls0
I agree with you w

244 :maji:2012/05/05(Sat) 14:38:54.77 ID:a90Gm37Q0

245 :maji:2012/05/07(Mon) 09:32:18.14 ID:eGg+meKP0
When on 2ch, you say fack instead of fuck

246 :maji:2012/05/10(Thu) 23:55:51.26 ID:Mpnoq3l50
why have I to wonder to myself?

247 :maji:2012/05/15(Tue) 16:59:28.55 ID:k2I92oNq0
Hello everyone!

248 :pseudo:2012/05/15(Tue) 17:28:25.36 ID:Sc3Ismhb0

249 :maji:2012/05/16(Wed) 00:38:48.04 ID:UhDcN36G0

250 :pseudo:2012/05/16(Wed) 02:47:51.92 ID:0nfJ70KaO
You say hello but I say guppy.

251 :maji:2012/05/19(Sat) 00:03:32.35 ID:3yKyeHAWi

252 :maji:2012/05/19(Sat) 07:45:37.49 ID:h2vqcgDG0


253 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2012/05/19(Sat) 15:48:19.68 ID:DIhVzvRD0

254 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2012/05/19(Sat) 19:08:23.49 ID:B29C6sMa0

255 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2012/05/20(Sun) 15:18:23.96 ID:7Bkmnoaz0

256 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 :2012/05/20(Sun) 15:21:38.28 ID:xqdij31c0

257 :maji:2012/05/20(Sun) 22:14:42.62 ID:72RwXQkN0
Republic of Osaka.

258 :maji:2012/05/21(Mon) 16:40:19.00 ID:hyGB08+D0
new brunswick, canada

259 :maji:2012/05/21(Mon) 16:47:08.61 ID:lzwvJITd0
From USA.
Is it customary on this site, to only write out very short responses?

260 :Ema:2012/05/21(Mon) 17:01:46.83 ID:v1OC2P9y0

261 :maji:2012/05/21(Mon) 18:07:56.18 ID:nMesuVhs0
Me too, but I've seen a lot of people heading for the beach.

262 :maji:2012/05/22(Tue) 02:16:30.15 ID:5GnjyUkh0

263 :maji:2012/05/22(Tue) 05:34:49.84 ID:Mb3zuVg90


264 :TheShadowFog:2012/05/24(Thu) 03:00:19.59 ID:znnyMGK30

What this bro said.

265 :maji:2012/05/26(Sat) 01:51:02.25 ID:iWoBSiXU0
Q1 where are you from?
Q2 why did you come here?

266 :maji:2012/05/27(Sun) 00:12:06.68 ID:Kt4tDRse0
ewwwww,yanks everywhere DX

267 :maji:2012/05/27(Sun) 06:28:34.78 ID:xY09SIhb0
Criminal nation South Korea

Please get to know truth.

268 :maji:2012/05/29(Tue) 08:06:30.34 ID:+EMFew+k0

269 :maji:2012/06/27(Wed) 23:08:55.96 ID:3/TWYd460
Those who come from Hong kong or Taiwan?

270 :maji:2012/08/02(Thu) 01:34:22.57 ID:n4uROhhN0
I am from Texas
I came here to fuck bitches

271 :maji:2012/08/02(Thu) 02:49:24.52 ID:XsjPBFT70
i want to fuck white ass. they look so yummi

272 :maji:2012/08/02(Thu) 08:23:00.34 ID:NqT9+uPW0
I am from California
You guys should check out my video


273 :maji:2012/08/18(Sat) 22:41:30.54 ID:gDHSPBCk0
they'll laugh at yo dick

274 :maji:2012/08/23(Thu) 04:41:16.00 ID:8Nd/grs+0
I from tinko

275 :maji:2012/09/06(Thu) 01:15:30.82 ID:8mtyBTT70

276 : 忍法帖【Lv=13,xxxPT】(1+0:8) :2012/09/06(Thu) 04:21:04.21 ID:PtMgJ/Ns0

277 :maji:2012/09/11(Tue) 03:03:10.21 ID:7Hn8O/F/0

278 :maji:2012/09/11(Tue) 04:00:37.37 ID:LetWOYZR0
i am talking about your male tigth butt now bend down

279 :maji:2012/09/11(Tue) 11:24:34.11 ID:ldr7z8qii

280 :maji:2012/10/04(Thu) 01:43:44.65 ID:uyUe5zL1O
Let's do it?
How about do you think about my dick?

281 :maji:2012/10/04(Thu) 04:53:49.52 ID:qvopk2Cg0
Can't find it.

282 :maji:2012/10/05(Fri) 15:02:59.32 ID:tOADG4PlO
Maybe... So... big...

283 :maji:2012/10/05(Fri) 19:53:42.67 ID:DyfkwZn00
S! A! G! A! SAGA!

284 :maji:2012/10/06(Sat) 02:42:10.93 ID:dG4ypPLj0

285 :maji:2012/10/06(Sat) 15:41:36.54 ID:GxbrNVRY0
I am from Osaka

286 :maji:2012/10/07(Sun) 07:43:14.64 ID:eFoNkZF+0
Trondheim. A city in Norway.

287 :maji:2012/10/08(Mon) 14:33:10.86 ID:dTKSpW0Q0
Irvine California

288 :maji:2012/10/09(Tue) 12:10:35.22 ID:wsCBhmjh0
I am from Orange County, California

289 :maji:2012/10/09(Tue) 19:34:50.21 ID:fHMUMQAA0
is orange county orange?

290 :maji:2012/10/10(Wed) 11:50:04.22 ID:DHrUFVP10
yeah and there are many oranges

291 :maji:2012/10/11(Thu) 00:40:10.19 ID:P3QD7VA30
i like this place already

292 :maji:2012/10/11(Thu) 09:04:06.18 ID:tfPmRBEZ0
Maine, United States.

293 :maji:2012/10/13(Sat) 11:16:45.59 ID:x3Vk3CaM0
im from ibaraki.
ibaraki is in japan that kanto region.
ibaraki is famous for NATTO,TUKUBA-mountain etc...
anyway interesting place there.

now, japan has been ploblems
japan has accused korea for TAKESHIMA to ICJ(imternational court justice),

but korea has ignored japan accusation.

takeshima proved that japan own island.

how do you think about japan-korea,china problems?

if it has been mistake in glammer,
point out please?

294 :maji:2012/10/15(Mon) 09:55:25.60 ID:7Dg1ywl80
Shizuoka, Japan

295 :maji:2012/10/15(Mon) 23:25:59.16 ID:GqptYwqN0
I came from sanfieero.

296 :maji:2012/10/21(Sun) 22:28:58.05 ID:tb5bExUm0
Konichua, i'm rossia.

Whilst japans ningen-tachi use their so called dakimakuras I really enjoy sex with my warmed ushanka

297 :maji:2012/10/26(Fri) 12:23:16.13 ID:CmYA3CC20

298 :maji:2012/10/26(Fri) 23:07:47.20 ID:Ecyr5JY/0

299 :maji:2012/11/03(Sat) 00:34:50.97 ID:fuFzjRYb0
my mother's manko

300 :maji:2012/11/26(Mon) 11:55:15.79 ID:/KrXROsV0
Adelaide, Australia

301 : 忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】(2+0:8) :2013/03/24(Sun) 13:25:19.09 ID:99i6lRxP0

302 : 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】(5+0:8) :2013/04/27(Sat) 22:08:42.02 ID:bPv90XtN0
Kobe,Japan. yaranaika?

303 :maji:2013/06/07(Fri) 04:57:24.61 ID:v9JNE1Rk0!

304 :maji:2013/06/29(Sat) 19:39:46.70 ID:IPSyXrwU0
realm of forbidden

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